Honderden fakkels op de skipiste van de Grubigstein.WorldrecordDe fakkel die ik gebruikt heb tijdens het wereldrecord.Honderden fakkels op de skipiste van de Grubigstein.  Het wereldrecord fackellauf.

Grübigstein, 2 Februari 2006: On this day the world record ‘fackellauf’ took place on the Grubigstein in Lermoos. This was an opportunity we were not likely to let it pass us by.

As soon as we heard the news we signed up with the organisation and booked a hotel room.

I thought it would just be a nice ski trip with torches, but it turned out to be an experience we would never forget.

We were lucky enough to be able to leave as one of the first. >>

At the arrival, we could still enjoy the fairy-tale-like scenery that was displayed on the mountain.

Hundreds, almost thousand of lights all coming down the Grubigstein.

You really have to experience it yourself, because it’s almost impossible to describe it!

Also the atmosphere was extremely pleasant; everyone there had the same purpose: have fun and make sure Lermoos got that world record!

Just great!


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